Upcycle Project Update: Guitar Stand

For my upcycle project, I decided to utilize some extra PVC pipe laying around my house from my landlord’s garden sprinkler project. There is roughly 10 feet of PVC pipe in my laundry that my landlord has given me his blessing to use. I went straight to brainstorming of what to make and a common theme emerged, utility. I want to make something that was useful, something that I would actual keep around for a little while anyways.

Initial sketches for my guitar stand design.

I decided to use this PVC pipe to make a guitar stand. I want this guitar stand to be able to hold either an acoustic or a more thin electric guitar. I browsed the web to see what current designs for compact guitar stands look like, something to base my design from. After I found my inspiration, I started sketching. I started with lines representing the PVC pipes, and then tried to draw the pipes themselves. I have a purchasing plan for pipe connectors and my estimated total length of pipe is 8 feet. I currently have my final design and hope to start construction soon.




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  • Maxfield Scrimgeour
    February 16, 2017 7:33 pm

    I like the idea that your design is going to incorporate something that has been leftover from a previous project and turned into something useful. This will be interesting to see how it all comes out and supports the guitar. Have you thought about painting the PVC to give it some more personality?

  • I like that your design is totally useful and practical, not just art. Will you be decorating the tubing, or will you just leave it as an industrial aesthetic?


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