I am currently in my last semester of Mechanical Engineering. I have been apart of many projects throughout my college career. I have found that i have a strong skill set in CAD, specifically in SolidWorks. In fact, during the last two big projects that I was apart of I took the role as the CAD Engineer. I really enjoy working in groups and I like fabricating dynamic projects. I also have some experience working with Matlab and Arduino. Though coding is really not my strong suit and it’s not my favorite thing to do, I can appreciate the usefulness of it. I also have some manufacturing experience, which is a skill that I would really like to expand.

This leads me into my aspirations. I would like to develop my manufacturing skills further, because I think it is very important as an Engineer to appreciate and respect machinists and how things need to be built. I would like to work in product design as a Mechanical Engineer in my career. I also want to be more creative in making projects more appealing to users. Most of the projects I’ve been apart of revolve around functionality and not necessarily how it looks. That is also a reason for why I am taking this class.

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Yousef Alqattan
February 24, 2019 11:36 pm

Having a strong background in CAD in a very useful skill to have an engineer, as it alone can get you a well paying stable job. I like the fact how you want to appreciate the machinists point of view when it comes to fabricating our designs. Manufacturing is a good skill learn as it will give you the intuition you need to make your designs more cost friendly and efficient. Have you considered interning as a machine shop assistant to expand your knowledge on manufacturing?

Abdulaziz Alrashed
February 24, 2019 9:29 pm

You definitely have acquired a great amount of knowledge and skills during your time here at the university as a ME student. And I agree that all the project based courses provided in the ME curriculum only requires the final product to perform its function without paying attention to its aesthetic appearance. The only way to be good at something is to practice, so try to incorporate aesthetics into everything you make to get as much practice as possible. and do you have a plan on improving your manufacturing skills? such as taking workshops, internships or more manufacturing based courses.


Sounds like you have a lot of great skills to offer to this kind of project. You want to focus more on the look for this project, is that going to come through by adapting the skills and tools you already have, or are you planning on learning new skills to help achieve this goal?


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