Shut-Box Constraints

Constraint 1: The wood I intend on using to create the box is plywood and with the fragility of the wood I am worried it will split when I drill into it.

Constraint 2: The tabs with the numbers on them I planned on using 0.5in thick wood, but the laser cutter only goes up to a thickness of 0.25in.

Constraint 3: Aesthetically I am concerned about burning the wood too much, but at the same time I may go with a rustic sort of aesthetic so the burn marks from the laser cutter may actually fit with the vibe.

Constraint 4: Time is a constraint and that’s why I am trying to utilize the laser cutter because machining will take a considerable amount of time, but with the size of the wood I may need to or I will have to redesign.

Constraint 5: Cost is my last constraint and I really would like to keep the cost under $30, I found that at McGuckin’s Hardware that this may not be feasible and need to look into cheaper options.

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Tell us more about the aesthetic. You have so many possibilities!

Tyler Cagle
March 9, 2019 7:23 pm

Hey Jared! Cool constraints i bet those will be hard to maintain. I was just wondering. Did you happen to copy my format for my blog? Just weird cause they look oddly similar. LMK.THx


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