Top 5 Constraints

My biggest constraints will be time, aesthetic design, delicacy, manufacturability, transportation.

Time: I am in many classes and will have to partition time to get this project finished to my liking.

Aesthetic Design: The Pagoda must express an ancient Chinese aesthetic. It may be easy to stray from this aesthetic as problems arise during manufacturing, so I will need to focus on staying within ancient Chinese aesthetics.

Delicacy: The Pagoda will likely be made out of light cardstock which may be very fragile. Effort will need to be made to keep the project safe, and in one piece.

Manufacturability: The cutouts will be very complex and therefore I plan to use a laser cutter for the project.

Transportation: I usually take a bus or motorcycle to school, so transportation may be difficult. I will explore other options, like having a friend drive me in during presentation days.

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Top 5 Constraints
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Top 5 Constraints

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This can be a spectacular aesthetic. Do you have any design drawings to share? I’d love to see them posted.

Jared Campbell
April 17, 2019 4:50 pm

Hans, if you need a ride for Expo let me know, I can get you and your project there safely. As far as time let me know if I can help you out with anything.

Luke Collier
March 16, 2019 1:54 pm

Hey Hans, I think it would be cool if you printed Chinese-style patterns on your Pagoda. I remember doing a project for a client last year that involved the art of Pepakura. It sounds like this is similar type of work. Pepakura Designer, the software, allows you to make a mesh in something like SolidWorks or Rhino (I used Blender3D) then it slices the mesh into foldable sections and adds tabs to glue on. For my project, I was really struggling with getting the pepakura sculpture to be kid-proof and waterproof. I would suggest using a polyurethane or perhaps acrylic spray coating on the pepakura sculpture.


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