Design Review: String Art

For my original concept, I wanted to work with string and the idea of how it can be manipulated into anything I wanted. I wanted to craft a piece of art that has a dynamic feature that is useful. I had ideas such as adding a lighting fixture behind it, adding clips so it becomes a picture frame, adding a notepad so it becomes a hanging agenda, and using a different pad to make the first pad spin. What I settled with was using a weight that holds a “spray” of string attached to the actual piece of wood. When placed properly, the weight will look like it is spraying string onto the piece of wood. I believe that can be the dynamic aspect of this project.

Image result for bat symbol light

I want the string to make this sort of picture where it is emitting from that one spot. Hopefully the lengths of the string when cut allow me to do so.


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Joshua Engmorris
May 5, 2019 11:56 am

This is an awesome idea. I like how you take a thin object like string and stack it up to make a bulk design. It’s a cool concept that creates an interesting aesthetic.


LEDs will be interesting for this project. If implemented well I think they will be the game changer for the design of the project. I also like how the string art will really open up the option to be creative with the design! Good luck!


I like the idea for implementing led strips in your final project. For the dynamic parts, perhaps you could make the LED parts dynamic with some controler to blink with different frequesnce.

Luke Collier
March 18, 2019 1:52 pm

You could use fishing wire as fiber optic strands and the nails could be clear, like acrylic. You could then melt the fishing wire to the nails creating the fiber optic component.


String art is all about creativity. You seem like you know what you wanna create! I like the idea of using the dynamic element, it will be very cool! I always wondered how people locate the nails, looking forward to see your process of the project!


Hogan, I like the symmetry you have chosen and the fact that you have thought about the font you are using. Do you know what font you are using yet? I like that you thought of the aesthetic first and the user friendly aspect second. I think an LED is a good choice for usability.

Christopher Seighman
March 18, 2019 1:49 pm

I really like the idea of cursive letters. I do think that more contrasting colors would help. Looking forward to seeing how you make the final design dynamic


Interesting idea! I like using nails as the guide for the string. I think a flowy H would be neat and appealing to the eye. I look forward to seeing what it looks like. What color string do you think you will use?


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