Magic Chair Construction Timeline

The timeline for my Super Lounge Musical Chair is a tight one, but day by day, I have honed in on my ideas for what it shall be.

I have narrowed down a chair that was donated for free. It has a bit of an arts-and-crafts aesthetic, but it is much rounder than the traditional straight edges one would find on such an aesthetic. My goal is to match this aesthetic.

I have played with my foce-sensitive resistor. I hooked it up to a multimeter. The resistance measures within the range I’m looking for when I put it between a cushion and its base and sit on it. Next, I will hook it up to an Arduino and carry on from there. Adafruit has a very nice introduction on the sensor:

I will also make the CAD model to visualize how to build it. This should be done by next weekend, the 13th of April. I will also hone in on the materials that I will use. My family has a lot of extra scrap wood, but I may opt for something cleaner from the hardware store. I have a bunch of extra speakers from my first project and plan to incorporate them. I will also get scrap acrylic from Colorado Plastics.

The week after that, the 20th, I should have it built and the software functional. This means I will need to plan woodshop time and laser cutter time. I will have that weekend to finish the presentation and practice it.

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Brandon Smith
April 7, 2019 10:10 pm

Hey Luke I agree with William and Andre. You should consider finding some code online to potentially help with your project. Any way to get expedite your construction will definitely help decrease the tight schedule.


Hi Luke, your project timeline looks like there should be enough time to finish this project. Have you put into consideration that some things may take a little longer than expected to complete since you are on a tight schedule?

William Benson
April 6, 2019 12:32 pm

Looks like you will be busy Luke! I suggest using the labor economy that the professor has setup in the class. Ive found that teammmates can help a lot.


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