So with covid 19 closing down school and much of the other things in the area my project will either take two routes.

First: if I can get everything figured out before places like McGuckins and the like close I should be able to get all of the materials I need to more or less do the project without any grand changes. I will need to wait for this weather to pass so I can work in my backyard because staining and using resin in the house are not super great ideas.

Second: This is my contingency plan if I get sick and have to quarantine myself. I will be switching to off the shelf parts from amazon and other such places that I do not have to go get in person. This would largely mean using hairpin off the shelf legs, buying and modifying an off the shelf lamp to provide the light I want.

Overall, the main change is that I wont have access to a machine or a wood shop beyond the hand tools I have at my house. I wasn’t really planning on using those tools too much so that is not a big issue.

In terms of procuring the wood I contacted a lumber store in the area and they said that cross sections are a really bad idea because they break apart, but did say they have smaller more rectangular pieces that may fit my purpose well and they are open which is a weight off my chest as it was the hardest expected part of this.


featured image: low table by George Nakashima

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