Upcycle Final Report // Vintage Aesthetic Book Compartment // Brooke Shade

Inspiration: As per the usual, it was a Friday night and I was watching Parks and Rec on Netflix with my fiance. It was the episode where Leslie Knope gets married (a few weeks earlier than originally planned) and Ann Perkins finishes the wedding dress using old newspapers featuring Leslie’s proudest accomplishments. The combination of the…
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Aesthetic: Boho

Today, “boho” is a style often characterized by the eccentric, lacey, floral-patterned, earth-toned, flower-crowned style that is often spotted at Coachella. But moreso than wanna-be hippies, the bohemian style goes back almost 200 years. Photograph by Dani R Photography (http://theonedayhouse.com.au/boho-beach-picnic-styled-shoot/)   The bohemians began as a counter-cultural movement after the French Revolution when artists were…
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