Carbon Fiber Short Board Report

The goal of this project was to explore the uses of carbon fiber while practicing my fabrication skills. This project turned out to be a great experiment and learning process, while still producing a nicely finished product. I decided to make a carbon fiber skateboard (or short board) using similar construction methods to surfboards and…
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Gardner’s Inspiration

For my final project, I’d like to create an expanding table. Nothing quite like some of the intricate examples we saw in class, but a simple clean design. The aesthetic for this table will draw on a contemporary mix between organic materials and functional but attractive shapes, very much like my side table. I saw…
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Gardner’s Aspirations

I have a strong passion for cars and motorsports, so I am currently looking for jobs in that industry. My dream job would either be a development engineer/ driver for a car company. These engineers essentially develop the handling performance and character of a car through test driving. I hope to find my first job…
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