Main Project Inspiration

I haven’t made a final selection for my main project yet, but a couple of ideas include wood/resin coffee table with lights or some sort of machined metal dynamic assembly. Alexandre Chapelin- The idea that I am the most attracted to right now is the wood/resin coffee table.  I have seen these pop up many…
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Upcycle Inspiration – Steampunk Fastener

gpid Designs For my upcycling project I am thinking about using leftover fasteners from engineering design projects in order to build what looks like a steam engine.  This will follow the Steampunk Aesthetic. I got this idea when I was looking around for fasteners for my design project.  As I went through all of…
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Explore an Aesthetic – Phil Lewis

Artist – Phil Lewis, Artist – Phil Lewis, Artist – Phil Lewis, Artist – Phil lewis, Artist – Phil Lewis, Artist – Phil Lewis,   All of the artwork shown above is created by Phil lewis.  He creates these pieces using pen and paper in combination with digital design. …
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