Bonsai to Big Guy

Dear reader, I would like to summarize how this project went with an original haiku: A bonsai and me, Was not meant to be, a tree; Saguaro cactus. So dearest reader, if you cannot tell by my poem we had quite a metamorphosis since my last post and my bonsai has transformed into a saguaro…
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Shelves+Street Photography

I was shocked at our combination. Our team (Ryan Weatherbee and Jackson Hootman) attempted to figure out a way to combine this object and aesthetic. Street photography was characterized by striking contrast and the concept of “urban”. Urban brought strong visuals of graffiti to me which I tried to incorporate in my image.  We first…
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Upcycle Inspiration

We were tasked to find a way to upcycle something preexisting to be art or something useful for our first project in this class. I have a passion for indoor houseplants and wanted to make something that would fit this theme. Originally I thought of making a trellis for my plants but that wasn’t  quite…
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