Shawn’s Aspirations

Before I graduate I hope to learn more about the different technologies that can be used to manufacture products as well as more experience with electronics.  I have experience with wood working and I’m learning a lot about machining through senior design, but I would like to learn more about 3D printing and laser cutting. …
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Shawn’s Skills

I am a senior mechanical engineer like many other people in the class and I think the strongest skill I have developed over the years is in computer aided design (SolidWorks).  Other skills include: Machining Wood working Soldering Basic programming (Arduino, Python…) Music (I love playing and listening to music) Sketching I have also developed…
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Martial Arts

Simplified down, martial arts are systems of training for combat, each with a unique philosophy on fighting.  Some martial arts like Tai Chi focus on inner development and health while some like Muay Thai focus on tournament style fighting.  Whether a student is training for self-defense, competition, fitness, entertainment, or for spiritual development, all styles…
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