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Puppy Palace

The puppy palace project was designed for a miniature French Bulldog.  The inspiration arose from the cutest, adorable Frenchie puppy which was chosen for his small size, non-barking nature, lovable sweet, and easy, mellow attitude.  The puppy’s size allowed him to be taken everywhere so staying at home, or restricted to a crate/area of the house, would be a short duration occasional occurrence.  Frenchies are meant to be spoiled and are bred as companion dogs.  They are costly, trendy dogs which often live in apartments/condos and smaller homes and owners love to spoil them and care a lot about aesthetics.

The puppy palace aesthetic was envisioned in French palatial Louis XVI style.  Other aesthetics considered were colonial, modern, and organic.  For the specific puppy, breed, size, and space the Louis XVI aesthetic was chosen as the best fit. 

Project Posts/Timeline

Main Project Inspirations

Top 5 Constraints

Design Review: Remote Controlled Horse Jump

Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Design

Construction Timeline

Final Stretch Progress

Final Project Presentation – Kate Gresh

Main Project Final Report Part 1: K. Gresh

Main Project Final Report: Part 2 – K. Gresh


Chess Board-Benjamin Fried
cloudfootstudio & Thinkly – Luke Woolley