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Project Description

This project is inspired by Scandinavian design rotary candle holders, with a personal touch to it. My mom was a figure skater, so I made the candle holder complete with an ice skater rotating on top of the turbine, and a frozen pond at the base. See the links below for more depth into the timeline and design process of this project.

Project Posts

Main Project Inspiration: Alex Thompson

Top 5 Constraints: Rotary Candle Holder

Design Review/Prototype: Rotary Candle Holder

Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th C. Movements: Rotary Candle

Construction Timeline: Rotary Candle Holder

Final Stretch Progress: Rotary Candle Holder

Main Project Presentation: Rotary Candle Holder

Rotary Candle Holder: Final Report Part 1

Rotary Candle Holder: Final Report Part 2

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