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Project Description

This project is a trebuchet built for the Aesthetics of Design class of 2017. The Trebuchet is a type of siege engine used during the medieval ages to hurl heavy projectiles over large distances. This projects involved the design and construction of a scaled functional model of a trebuchet. The project goal was to depict a chosen aesthetic through the product. The aesthetic chosen for the trebuchet is a original antique medieval look that makes the trebuchet look like it’s been through a number of battles. The damaged and rusty aesthetic was obtained the combination of methods like choosing the right material, torching, burning and staining the wood appropriately. The result of the project can be seen in the images. The blog posts that followed this project through the course of the semester are listed below.

Project Posts/Timeline

Dummy Roping Calf by Colton Behr
2-Size Tablet Stand by Jian Kan