Design Review: Infinity Mirror Prototype

My design finds its inspiration in many of the modern devices we use today. I love the sleek, modern, and futuristic aesthetic. It seems innovative and creative and insinuates a sense of wonder and mystery. I recently received an Amazon echo dot, and loved the aesthetic of it. It is so simple looking yet strikes…
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Design Review/Prototype: Standing desk

Hello, This is the description and follow-up for how I made my standing desk prototype, and some discussion of the what the actual project will be like. Original Inspirations: The Veridesk model [1]This is one of the most popular standing desks, judging my the commercials for it on TV. But it can be very expensive:…
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Modern Rustic Design

  The Modern Rustic aesthetic is my all-time favorite design style. Its warm, natural and inviting, yet also clean and simple. Also know as ‘rustic modern’, this design style became recognized at some point in the 20th century. The earliest book I could find describing this aesthetic was written in 2000 by Ali Hanan: “Modern Rustic: Natural Ideas…
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