Gorpcore Aesthetic Upcycling Project

For my upcycling project I’ve decided to make a tote style bag in a Gorpcore aesthetic. Gorpcore is a fashion trend that basically combines the elements of outdoor clothing with streetwear and fashion. The term “gorp” is acronym for “good old raisins and peanuts,” which is a common trail snack for those on outdoor trips.

The aesthetic itself typically is comprised of versatile, functional, and durable clothing items such as waterproof shell jackets, puffer jackets, hiking pants, backpacks, sunglasses, and hiking boots. The common theme is clean, sleek, sharp edges, and striking colors and tones. Earth tones in the range of greens, tans, and browns along with more vibrant colors such as oranges, yellows, blues, and reds make up most of the gorp aesthetic. The contrast of these striking colors in the outdoor world is pretty cool to look at. Additionally with the more earth tone items its nice to have something that isnt as flashy and just operates as a functional item.

Mixed in with my post are some images that represent the Gorpcore aesthetic that I am going to base my bag off of.

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  • Awesome post man! I really like the wording that you used to describe the aesthetic, very informative! Do you think that you will be leaning into the aesthetic or practical elements of gorpcore more?

  • Hi Rishi,

    Great post! I really liked how you provided some context for what gorp core is. This is style I love and I’m excited to see your finished piece! Do you know what specific materials you’re using?


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