Gorpcore Style Belt Bag

For my upcycle project I decided to create a belt bag in a Gorpcore aesthetic. To achieve this I decided to use a variety of ripstop nylons for the exterior of the bag. This was my first ever sewing project that required patterning a design and cutting different layers for it to be assembled. I designed the pattern and sewed the entire thing in a black color for the prototype version 1.0 of my design. I plan to do the final in a more earth tone based color scheme. 

For the actual assembly process I sourced ripstop nylon from the scraps bin in the BTU lab. I found a used pair of bag straps in my pile of things to donate and found a usable zipper I could use for access to the bag. My first step in creating the bag was patterning it out and I designed it so that it could fit my essentials: iPhone, keys, wallet, and AirPods.

I patterned out both sides of the bag and cut the fabric as needed. I then began the zipper attaching process which was much more difficult than I imagined. I will refine this on the final version of my product and hide all the seams. After installing the zipper and attaching the straps I flipped the bag inside out which meant the straps were outside in which I screwed up initially and then ended up reattaching later.

Overall I was pretty happy with my first ever cut and sew project and I will plan to fix all the mistakes I made with version 1.0 when I begin version 2.0 before this final upcycling project is due.

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  • This is a great upcycle, it’s definitely nice to be able to choose the size and shape of the bag. Do you have any prior sewing experience? Also was it difficult making the pattern? You should try wearing it with a gorpcore outfit for the next post.

  • I love the aesthetic of this bag. I like how the zipper is centered on the front of the bag. Is that for a reason? Does the bag have any additional features?


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