Aesthetic Roots: Industrialism

For my project, I’m creating furniture from industrial-type pipe. I chose to go with this aesthetic of industrialism because a lot of courses that I’ve taken and some jobs that I have worked have put me in contact with many things from an industrial world. The vast majority of engineering exists in an industrial world…
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Main Project Ideas

For my main project inspirations, I have been slightly all over the place. The two major directions I’m throwing around are quite different from each other but both very interesting. The first of these follows along with my upcycle project in using an old climbing rope to create some things but this time I’m looking…
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Upcycle Progress

The latest update with my upcycle project comes as I have decided on a design and purpose for my scheme. I have decided that I’m going to go with the rug idea as the other directions might be better options for a main project sometime. After doing some research on different styles of mats and…
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