Summing up Aesthetics of Design 2020

Hi there! Here’s a consolidation of my work throughout the course Aesthetics of Design, taken during the 2020 Spring semester at CU Boulder, taught by Professor Hertzberg. Upcycling Project: Create an artifact that conforms to an aesthetic, either the aesthetic you researched, or one that someone else in class posted about. Upcycle means that your…
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Final Project Report: Part 2

Timeline My timeline for this project was similar to as initially planned but varied due to circumstances involving the Covid-19 quarantine – my adjusted timeline is pictured below: Due to the displacement from campus, I lost about a week of time to work on the prototyping of the initial sculpture designs initially, which pushed my…
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Main Project: Top 5 Constraints

Moving forward with the chicken wire framing and construction, there are a few constraints, as there are with all projects, I need to consider: 1) Material and Structure The biggest constraint moving forward is developing the actual structure of the owl sculpture. There are a ton of different ways I can go about creating the…
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