Favorite YouTube Builds: Adam Savage One Day Builds

featured image credit:https://hoodline.imgix.net/uploads/story/image/27361/Main_Image_Downing_Journeys.jpg?auto=format For many of us young engineering folks Mythbusters was an incredibly influential show on discovery channel. I personally was always enamored with the scale of objects that the folks on that show were able to build. Adam Savage was always my personal favorite mainly due to his unapologetically nerdy demeanor. The show…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Crust Punk

Crust punk is a sub-genre of punk music made with acoustic instruments including but not limited to guitar, banjo, mandolin, washboard, washtub bass, or whatever else you could realistically transport easily while being homeless. Crust punk generally relies on the idea of complete rejection and disillusion with modern opulence and rebellion against traditional values. The…
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