Design Review Part 1: Detailed Plans for Hedgehog Phone Case

For the final project of this class, I’m creating a hedgehog phone case with minimalism style. I didn’t get to present in class, but here is the slides if anyone wants to check it out: I had this super rough 3D model in the presentation, which I still need to refine. But the basic…
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Top 5 constraints

The top 5 constraints of my project would be: Time: The time for the project by itself is not a lot, not even to mention that fact that we as students may have 4-5 of other projects/assignments for other classes. So there is limited time to devote to the project. Having to deal with it…
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Polka dots and Yayoi Kusama

Polka dots, is the “a pattern consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size.” according to Wikipedia. The polka dots pattern, despite being popular and widely recognized in today’s fashion. It hasn’t always been this way. In the old times “In Medieval Europe, the pattern was initially seen as very unpleasant,…
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