Nixie Clock | Top 5 Constraints

For reference, here’s a link to my Nixie Clock Design Review!  Time Like everyone, this is probably the most substantial. We’re in the middle of capstone final project deadlines, so juggling the two is going to need to be a constant thought! Wood Selection This is my “Known Unknown” right now- I have a general…
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Design constraints

Like any project there are significant design constraints that I will have to overcome to achieve my goals with the project and succeed and making something functional and aesthetically pleasing. 1.) Manufacturing: Since a lot of this is still new, the manufacturing will probably be a lot of trial and error and experimentation. I have…
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Mechanical Buffalo – Top 5 Constraints

3D-printing only (DIY kit for Thingiverse) No fasteners (all parts must align or lock together without fasteners) Print Time (2-4 hours per prototype, so I can only cycle through a couple of iterations per day) Material properties (must make design considerations based on one type of filament – eg: a snapfit feature designed for PLA may not work for ABS due to…
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