Final project part 1

Project description I decided to make an infinity mirror because it can not only give me some chances to playing with some electronics but also creating some really cool optical effect after finishing this project.Why can the infinity mirror creates “tunnel” effect? The secret is that the infinity mirror actually contains two mirrors with different transmissivity…
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Personal Tattoo Machine – Final Project Report Part I

Introduction This will be the first installment of a two-part report, chronicling the design and production of my final project for Aesthetics of Design, the Personal Tattoo Machine. Within this post, you can expect to find detailed explanations of the decisions I made over the course of this project, in addition to how I produced several…
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A Living Room 3D Printer: Final Design Report

  Introduction Additive manufacturing very well may be the future of making “things” and the advancement of 3D printers will revolutionize the way that everyday people get parts and products for use in their homes. The most common type of 3D printing on the consumer market currently is Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM), which basically melts…
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