Design Loop Reality: Jar Terrariums

My design process so far has been conducted in stages—idea, planning, preparation, etc.—each with a different type of evaluation or self-critique (see Fig.1 above). My original concept of aluminum sheet modeling was scrapped due to difficulty and cost in the early stages, while my current subject of jar terrariums has progressed smoothly to the preparation stage (see Fig.2 above). Ideation is…
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Design Loop: Kinetic Walking Sculpture

I sat down, all my supplies purchased, everything planned out, and a prototype leg even made. But, as design goes, deviations from my planned path arose, and I was forced to rethink my route. I had my end goal, and my starting point. I believe that in design, you have at minimum a vague idea…
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Design Process

My design process was loopy. As I started planning the design out and actually working on it, some things that I thought would look good didn’t, so I removed them. Other things just didn’t work, like the Litchenberg Figure on the wood. Things got rearranged and moved around, like the hooks and the placement of…
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