Final Report 2

As not only this class comes to a close, but my undergraduate education does as well, I can clearly see the disconnect some engineers have when it comes to creating their designs from my classes I have taken, and the amazing outcome that can be produced when an engineer factors in the aesthetic. In many…
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Final Report Part 2

This semester was mostly focused on my senior design however I enjoyed spending time working on my aesthetics project. Aesthetics of Design helped give me new inspirations for sketching and implementing aesthetics into designs. I enjoyed creating my upcycle project and using blue plastic to represent the ocean. I’ve found an interest in creating art…
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Next, I would like to add numbers to the opposite side of the tokens. I want to recut a few of the tokens so they don’t brush up against one another. Lastly, I want  to re-glue down the cork with wood glue to remove the air pockets. My project looks like my original intent besides…
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