Design Review 2 Covid Update (Kaleidoscope Project)

Oversized Kaleidoscope Project. Given the fact that a global pandemic has effected us, the project I was ultimately planning and in the works to create was put on hold. This project was something I was heavily planning on constructing during Spring Break, however given the situation with areas closing down and my material options dwindling,…
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Design Review Part 2 “Logistics and Timeline”: Functional Wall Art

“TIMELINE AND LOGISTICS” These past couple of weeks and the development of COVID-19 within our nation and local communities has definitely impacted the timeline and logistics of my final project overall. It has completely cut all students off from utilizing primary campus resources vital to project fabrication and development. So, I have decided to take…
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Design Review Part 2: Dopamine Interactive Apparel

Timeline As an overview, my project (Dopamine) will be developing interactive apparel that encourages real life interaction the same way social media encourages online interaction. Dopamine Timeline   The week of the Design Review will be designated for ordering prototyping materials and practicing my sewing skills. These materials include LED breakout boards, microcontrollers, and inexpensive…
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