Main Project Construction Update

After design review 2, I poured the epoxy resin in two stages.  The first pour was about 1/3 of the resin and took 4 hours to reach that “sweet” spot to start the next pour.  I successful completed the second pour and used a heat gun remove the air bubbles.  I then let it dry…
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Construction Update: From Dopamine to COVID Apparel

For my final project, I initially intended to create interactive apparel encouraging in-person interactions. Given the recent pandemic, I do not believe this project will have the positive impact I initially desired. With that in mind, I have decided to pivot, creating apparel that discourages contact (for the time being). The principles are the same…
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Construction Update 2020 – Steampunk Headphone Stand

The construction update on my main project is pretty evident from the pictures attached. I am through with the whole construction process for my project. I completed it last week with the steampunk bulb installed and the steampunk gear decoration all over the product. Product Constituents – Headphone Stand Steampunk USB Fan Steampunk Edison Bulb…
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