Project Description

The Levitation Audio Visualizer is a dynamic sculptural-like device that allows a user to interact with music in a new way. Seven ping pong balls are suspended in clear columns using fans, and their suspended height is changed according to filtered frequency bands of input audio. The enclosure is made of opaque white acrylic which is illuminated by high power RGB LEDs.


Project Post Timeline

  1. Project Inspiration 2/25/16
  2. Levitation Audio Visualizer Design Review 3/2/16
  3. Levitation Audio Visualizer Constraints 2/8/16
  4. Project and Schedule Update 2/15/16
  5. Progress Update 3/22/16
  6. Progress Update 4/6/16
  7. Progress Update 4/12/16
  8. Levitation Audio Visualizer Final Report Part 1 4/20/16
  9. Levitation Audio Visualizer Final Report Part 2 4/27/16

Final Presentation Video

In class presentation on 4/29/16