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My project, ELECTRONOTYPE, is a wearable, interactive sonic experience which allows the user to participate directly in the making of the sounds and their circuits. Hands-on interaction is encouraged by the visual symbols attached to the project, guiding the user step-by-step through the sensors, microcontrollers, and outputs.



Telefoni Bianchi (Italian ‘White Telephone’ Films of the 1930’s)

Broken Tea Cup Mosaic Progress

Broken Tea Cup Mosaic Upcycle Report

Meridith’s Skill Set

Meridith’s Aspirations

Meridith’s Main Project Inspiration

Meridith’s Main Project Design Review Report

Aesthetic Design Game

Meridith’s Top Five Constraints

Meridith’s Update – 3/16/16

Aesthetic Design Game

Meridith’s Update – 3/30/16

Meridith’s Update – 4/6/16

Meridith’s Update – 4/13/16

Interactive Electronics: ELECTRONOTYPE Report Pt. 1

Interactive Electronics: ELECTRONOTYPE Report Pt. 2