Main Project Design Review Report

Students have been thinking all semester about what they want to create for their main project this semester. They know their own time and cost constraints, and the only imposed constraint is that the artifact be dynamic in some way. For students who are still undecided, I have added a final constraint to narrow the possibilities: it must illustrate balance.

Here in this Design Review, students are expected to reveal

  • What will it say upon a first impression?
  • What will it do?
    • How do these add up to aesthetic and functional specifications/goals?
  • List your inspirations (OK to cut/paste from prior blog). What are you adding that is new?
  • What will the hardest/trickiest/critical part be? The part where if it fails, your project fails.
    • Do this first, preferably by March 2
  • Can you create a rough prototype including your critical component? Do it!
  • Cost estimate
  • Map out your timeline, including shopping, ordering, testing and revisions.
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