Post 12 2024: How and What Next?

You can make anything you want, as long as it has some sort of dynamic component; a moving part or something that changes with time. You are expected to pay for the materials (cost at least equivalent to a hardcopy textbook, say $150) and the project is yours to keep at the end of the semester.

And of course, it must express some aesthetic that you choose and define. That’s what this class is about, right? Your focus should be aesthetics first, function second. It’s OK if your project doesn’t work, but not OK if it looks bad.

  • Create a timeline graphic. Show your actual design process. Be sure to show times for exploration, skill acquisition, looping, shopping, fabrication and documentation.
  • Add a detailed description of your actual fabrication process. How did you make your artifact? What were the steps? Describe the steps shown in your timeline graphic. Document with lots of additional sketches, flowcharts, photos and/or video.
  • Write a conclusion. Compare where you started (plans) with where you ended.  What do you wish you had done differently? What will happen to your creation now? Focus on the aesthetics.  Don’t get too wrapped up in function.
  • Consider including a link to the video you made of your live presentation, or another video that provides an equivalent full description.

Project Ornithopter Post 12: Main Project Final Report Part 2 – Sophie Berry

Timeline: W1: get the materials W2: start prepping them to be assembled easily later (cut wires, cut wood, glue pieces together etc.) W3:Catch up week  W4:assemble 1+ ornithopters W5: Spring break – test, build larger model, TEST, film W6: test/ extra week W7:Build stand? __________________________________________________________________________ Getting the bits and bobs: In the instructions that I…

Final Part II: NeuMouse

Timeline While I would not consider my initial timeline overly ambitious, it was definitely not helped by my lack of electronics experience, relative inexperience with surfacing, and delayed project switch. Despite all of this, I am still happy with my final result. The timeline below shows an ideal/initial schedule for my project, ignoring the time…