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Students in Aesthetics of Design will be posting here about their work all semester. Please read and comment.

An intricate airship hovers amongst a metal jungle that poses as a city

Student work from 2021

Last Post: Final Report total, or Part 2: How

Students had a choice as to whether to put their final report in one or two parts.

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Here we show examples of the intersection of engineering and art that have inspired us.

1912 Web Text about Lettering

I found this web text from 1912 about lettering and thought it was kind of cool! These days most of our “lettering” is done by a computer, but I’ve found this resource invaluable both for understanding the role of existing fonts in design, and for designing my own! I’d highly suggest giving it a virtual…
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Sculpture Artists

Below are a list of sculpture artists that primarily work in Found Objects. This is great to look into for inspiration for your upcycling project. Marcel Duchamp Fountain 1917, Bicycle Wheel 1913. He is considered one of the fathers of found object. Decontextualizes the item itself and redefines it’s purpose. Joseph Beuys I Like America and…
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Modern Designer: Tim Cook

Timothy Donald Cook aka Tim Cook is a creative genius whom I follow and admire. He may not be a conventional designer of products but as a visionary in technology and an operation and manufacturing problem solver, a “Designer” tag on him can be justified. As per the biography of Tim cook: The genius who…
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Modern Designers – Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was a British Iraqi designer. She was best known for her work in architecture in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. She was born in Baghdad and originally studied math in college and then later enrolled at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Some of here major design influences were Suprematism and…
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