Post 11 2024 Final Report Part 1: What and Why

You can make anything you want, as long as it has some sort of dynamic component; a moving part or something that changes with time. You are expected to pay for the materials (cost at least equivalent to a hardcopy textbook, say $150) and the project is yours to keep at the end of the semester.

And of course, it must express some aesthetic that you choose and define. That’s what this class is about, right? Your focus should be aesthetics first, function second. It’s OK if your project doesn’t work, but not OK if it looks bad.

  • Describe and cite your inspirations and any existing designs that you adapted. You must cite ALL content on your blogs for this course! Any photo that you did not take, any text that you did not write MUST have a citation, a source link. If you can’t remember where you got something DON’T USE IT. Go back and search for something similar that you can cite.
  • Describe your vision for your project, the specifications that you developed for its function and its form, your artistic vision and aestheticWhat were you trying for?
  • Include and describe your initial sketches and final design plans. Include your CAD drawings if you are using CAD in your design process. Include how your aesthetic was embodied in your design.

Final Report Part 1: Abstract Structural Art

A. INTRODUCTION: Abstract Structural Art: Blending Modernism with Minimalism The project undertaken delves into the realm of abstract structural art, marrying elements of modernism and minimalism. Two principal sources provided inspiration and direction for this endeavor. Inspiration 1: MIT Museum Art Exhibition The artifacts showcased at the MIT Museum Art Exhibition served as an initial…

Final-Report-Part 1

For my final project I have decided to take the dramatic landscape of the flat iron mountain range as inspiration to create a piece of wall art that dynamically changes to match the outside light that a photoresistor is detecting through communicating with the control board. I have chosen this minimalist nature aesthetic as my…

Final Report Part 1, Inspiration & Initial Design: Scale Model Spaceship (NASA Pragmatism)

Inspiration To say my life revolves around space exploration is probably a bit dramatic, but I will say that a huge portion of my favorite things to discuss, think about, and even my career path involve space exploration. To me, it just seems like the natural progression of humanity’s journey: we have catalogued pretty much…

Final Project Report 1- Driftwood Ceiling Light

For my final project, I endeavored to create a driftwood ceiling light that embodies a rustic charm. I crafted driftwood pieces from a log, embedding warm yellow light bulbs within them, and arranged them around a central ring for hanging. The choice to use driftwood was driven by its weathered texture and the captivating gaps…