Blog Post #4:

  • Your title should be the name of your artifact, not ‘Upcycle Project’.
  • Set a Featured Image.
  • OK to cut and paste from Inspiration, and Progress posts.
  • Describe and cite your inspirations and any existing designs that you adapted. You must cite ALL content on your blogs for this course! Any photo that you did not take, any text that you did not write from scratch MUST have a citation, a source link. If you can’t remember where you got something DON’T USE IT. Go back and search for something similar that you can cite.
  • Describe your vision for your project, the specifications that you developed for its function and its form, your artistic vision and aesthetic. What were you trying for? Specifically
    • Name your aesthetic. Where is it from? What characteristics define it?
  • Add a detailed description of your fabrication process. Document with lots of sketches, photos or video. Minimum 5 photos, or 1 minute video.
  • An illustrated description of the final artifact. Again, photos, videos, cad drawings as appropriate. Full description of the actual artifact.
  • Compare what you achieved to your FUNCTIONAL goals.
  • Compare what you achieved to your ARTISTIC goals. This your aesthetic, your metric. Point out how your object does or doesn’t satisfy your stated aesthetic.
  • What is next? Will you refine this artifact? Keep it, recycle it, try again someday?
  • Include a link to the video you made of your live presentation, or another video that provides and equivalent full description and demo. If you want this to appear with a play button instead of a Featured Image, insert the link to your video (upload to YouTube or Vimeo) as the first text in your post, and set your post type to Video. You won’t get credit in the end for this major post without a video.
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