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The featured image is a picture I took while machining some copper parts I made for a scientific rocket payload. I programmed the Prototrak CNC in the Idea Forge Shop to produce the parts.


A corner desk I'm in the process of finishing.
A corner desk I’m in the process of finishing.

I’ve had a lot of experience building and manufacturing things over the years. I’m pretty confident in my manufacturing and crafting skills. This list consists of things I’ve had a lot of experience with and am comfortable doing. I’ll admit there’s always more I can learn on these subjects, and I’m more than willing to do so. I can provide help with any of the following:

  • Machine shop skills – Mill (manual and Prototrak), Lathe, Drill Press, Saws, Routing, Sanding, Grinding, Polishing
  • Software skills – CAD (SolidWorks, OnShape), Matlab, EES, Altium, Arduino, Photoshop
  • Craft skills – Woodwork, Sewing (by hand and machine: quilting, clothing, accessories, general), Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Melting Aluminum, Bead Work/Jewelry, Tinkering, Knitting, Gluing
  • Other skills – Soldering, Gardening, Cooking, Fish Keeping, Organization, Planning

I’m sure there’s a few things I’m missing here, so I’ll add them as I think of them. Just for fun, I added a few images of some of my projects.

Ashley's Ingots
As you can see, I can melt aluminum, but have problems casting it.
A headphone case I made. Inspiration/pattern found here.
A headphone case I made. Inspiration/pattern found here.
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  • Protrak is definitely something I need to work on! I’ll be picking your brain on that one.

  • I think the Prototrak skills that you have will be quite useful as the only thing I can do on the programmable mill right now is a hole pattern, and it’s hard to get help from Greg or the TAs sometimes. Great set of skills by the way, best of luck figuring out the kinks in casting!


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