Skills that Kills – Matt

I have a similar ME background as many of our class (and both of my teammates), so I won’t dwell on those. I’ve done more than my fair share of manufacturing drawings and CAD, so I can expedite that process if you need. I also have access to two (half broken) makerbots to print on for free or Lulzbots Mini or Taz if you have your own filament. I’ve done a ton of 3D printing, both for rapid prototyping and higher resolution proof of concepts so I can help both get the print working or designing for “printability”. I also have a fair amount of machining experience, so I can help with that too. I also know Greg (the Idea Forge machinist) decently well, so use that to your advantage.

I have experience soldering and blowing fuses, so if you are trying to shock yourself I can definitely help. If you are trying not to shock yourself, I can probably help, although that’s not as much my forte. I have made a fair amount of electronic gadgets, so I can probably help with something along those lines.

I’ve done a ton of hand tooling and finishing in personal projects, so I can help paint, sand, polish, drill, dremel, epoxy, any of that kind of work.

I have limited experience in Photoshop and iMovie. I’m not claiming to be great at either, but I know my way around both softwares and can help you in production quality if need be. I also have access to a small infinity wall for photography if that helps.

I have a car, and can drive it.

I have late night access to the Idea Forge, so if you need to print something late or get to a tool I can help you out, although I don’t have additional access to the machine shop.

I am a decent writer and have written a share of all sorts of documents, including user manuals, white papers and limericks. I am more than happy to edit, both for content and grammar.


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