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Last Wednesday I wrote down the skills that I have and will be happy to help my team with on this page. Last winter I actually compiled a long list of what I should learn/be able to do before I graduate. The list is HUGE because I was thinking of developing skills for four industries (Design, Aerospace, Research and Renewable Energy). Even though they have a lot in common, but all require different programming/software skills, background knowledge and hardware skills. I remember I was at loss putting this list together back in December but I what I ended up doing is listing every possible skill that I could ever learn or even be better at. I was overwhelmed by the amount of skills that I had to work on so instead of saying that I will have to learn all of them before  I graduate I decided to take every opportunity to work on some of the skills that I really can apply to my classes and some other that are a must be able to do to before graduation.  For the sake of this aspirations post I will try to summarize the skills that I am working on this semester.



Sketching: I want to be able to quickly convey my ideas in a meeting via an accurate sketch.

CAD: I only took a two week crash course on SolidWorks, which wasn’t good enough, so I would love to be more professional using Solidworks. Maybe take the CLAD exam.



Publications: Become a better reader and writer when reading publications

Programming: Build more efficient codes using Matlab and refresh on my C++ skills


Communication Skills:

I want to be able to explain complicated ideas in the simplest possible ways both verbally and written

I  want to be as clear as possible in discussions by saying the right words at the right time.

These are only a few that I am working on till May and I would love to able to ace all these skills and move on to the next set.

As for my dream job I would love to work on commercial jets concept designs and bring them to reality. This job will involve a ton of knowledge about aeroelasiticty, fluid-structure interaction and dynamic structural optimization. I have been involved in research for the latter but I am eager to learn more about aeroelasticity. I think this requires a Ph.D. degree to learn more about these complicated fields and contribute to them. So far I am going on that route. Hopefully  if all works out well I see myself being a lead Design Engineer on a new aircraft that Boeing is introducing.

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  • I am amazed by how much you want to accomplish in so little time. I think all of these skills are achievable by the end of the semester. As I am interested in the aerospace field myself I think you should definitely pursue your dream. Communication is a great skill to strive for and will definitely help you later on in life. If you would like to learn a little more about design I can help you there. I have worked in industry as a design engineer so I have become experienced with SolidWorks. You have big goals, I hope you continue to work hard and achieve them.

  • There are a lot of really good aspirations here. I really liked how you broke down what you’re hoping to learn into different categories. You have very ambitious goals, but not unrealistic ones. If you can develop your skills and refine them, I have no doubt that you will accomplish whatever you set out to do.


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