Aspirations – Chad Alvarez

As a senior in mechanical engineering I have finished all of my technical classes. I am enrolled in mainly writing and leadership classes (with the exception of senior design) and hope to improve my skills in these categories in preparation for the professional world. I am extremely interested in my leadership and professional classes since these will be crucial towards my development as an officer for the US Navy. After graduation I am to commission as a officer in the Navy and will be heading down to Pensacola, Florida to begin flight school. Flight school will be a very intense and competitive couple of years but I plan to be at the top of my class in order to earn a spot flying fighter jets. I have always wanted to fly jets or helicopters and after graduation my journey to complete my dream will finally begin. I am really looking forward to graduation but plan on making the dean’s list this semester in order to finish strong this last semester while still enjoying my dwindling time in Boulder.

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