What’s My Dream Job?

As I come to my final semester of college, I expected to have more direction than I first did walking into CU. I could barely pick a major, originally I was chemistry, and by chanced ended up switching to mechanical engineering. However, I find myself just as unsure about my desired career field as I was on the first day. In high school, I had taken a jewelry class freshman year and ended up falling in love with 3D art. As a  high school senior, I had an award winning portfolio that landed me a full ride to several art schools. After long discussions with my parents, my dad convinced me that engineering was “art for adults.” So I walked into engineering with the mind set that I was here to design. After years of technical courses, I began to love different aspects of the field including programming and analysis. However, group projects were my strong suit. As I social person, I loved collaborating with other people, working towards a greater goal, and keeping the team organized in the background. This semester I was hoping to feel directed towards one of my two desired career paths, analysis and design or project management. I am happy to report that I have accepted a position at HPE for project management. Is this my dream job? I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but it’s a step in the right direction. I believe that my strong organizational skills and leadership skills will allow me to grow in this field. I purposely chose a technical company so that my engineering background would better my ability to serve the company. Maybe one day, I will find myself head of a program or even VP. I have discovered from my internship that getting your foot in the door allows you to better understand how well you like the field. This class has brought back my love for art and hopefully after a couple years in project management I will have a better understanding of which field I belong in.

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