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For my project, I’m developing a dynamic, illuminated divider wall for a theatre piece that I’m a part of. I’ve been fascinated by the fusion of organic materials and technology for a while, and I’ve done some pieces along these lines in the past:

lightnest- a reactive sound and light installation


canopy- a big ass light fixture in the BTU lab


For both these previous projects and the one I’m planning for class, my primary inspiration has come from nature itself- I like the organized chaos of thick forests and branch canopies, and I’ve seen other artists do incredible environmental art that explores similar themes, notably Patrick Dougherty:



and Andy Goldsworthy:



They both do amazing pieces that reflect the temporality of nature and try to make some sense of order from the wildness of natural materials.

I also love the way that light looks passing through branches, like in this piece by Hilden Diaz, which takes branch forms and encases a light to create a sculpture of shadows:



See? It looks awesome.

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