Final Project inspirations

Until today, I still had no idea what I wanted to do, which is one reason this post is late.  Today, Wednesday March 2nd, was incredibly windy.  While I was walking between classes the wind gave me an idea, an inspiration you could say.  I decided to make a set of wind chimes.  Some examples below:


These are some examples of do-it-yourself wind chimes.

To put my own aesthetic twist on the chimes, I think I want to go for a mix between an “engineering” aesthetic and a Naval Aviation aesthetic.   For the engineering portion I want to use all silver metals, and maybe some unique geometry.  This also goes well with the naval aviation aesthetic because all of the platforms employed by the navy are a haze gray color.  To incorporate this part of the aesthetic I would like to use a model F-18 or H-60 as the weight at the bottom, or a nice piece on the top.  Pictures of these below.





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  • David Holliman
    May 4, 2016 12:51 pm

    The concept is interesting. I think their is a large design frontier to be explored in the way of wind chimes. Consider different organic materials such as glass, wood, metals, and minerals.. or acrylic materials that will combine to give an overall aesthetic which captures attention. I think you could approach your aviation theme in the same manner. Good luck with the design!


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