Lazy Susan Spice Rack Constraints

1.) Size: The size will limit what facilities I can use to 3D print my project. If it is too large I will be unable to 3D print it in the ITLL and perhaps Protogenics as well

2.) Mass: Since this product is meant for the kitchen, it should be fairly light weight. I hope to keep it around 10lbs at max.

3.) Cost: 3D printing is not cheap and the larger and more mass I add to the project, the more it will cost. If I am trying to keep it under 100$, this will considerably alter my design.

4.) Time: Getting my CAD approved and have it ready for printing may take some time and redesign. I hope get approval as fast as possible. Printing the product itself should take a few days, so my main concern is the wait time before printing begins.

5.) Material: I will be limited in what material I can use. I would like a material that is dishwasher safe, but that may not be reasonable with the current budget.

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  • I’m glad your trying to keep it light and working to reduce mass for usability (unless your weight training with your spice rack) and cost of production. 3D printing is relatively inexpensive but still has a cost. Also is seems a waste to use all that material unless there is a need for it. From our last conversation it sounds like you’ve got some fixes but it’s good you focused on that.

    Are there any aesthetic constraints or constraints deriving from your chosen aesthetics?


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