LED Arrows Artwork – Top 5 Constraints

Below are the top 5 constraints for the LED arrow piece listed in no particular order.

  1. Cost: As a college student with no substantial income, the cost is a large constraint on this project. I would like to keep the cost below $100 if possible for the project. I plan to do this by taking the extra time to find the material I need at a discounted price. For example, the arrow pieces are free to me, and the acrylic will be purchased during CO Plastics rummage sale.
  2. Current: The current allotment for the LED light strand is also a large constraint on this project. The bigger the piece that I try to create, the more LEDs that I will need which results in more current needed to complete the project. Luckily the power source a barrel jack connector on it which it pretty common. This means that if I need more LEDs I might be able to work around this constraint by purchasing a new wall adapter that can handle more current.
  3. Arrow Supply: I have a limited amount of arrow tubing that I have access to for the piece because of my intention to use scrape arrows. This will dictate how many sections of tubing I have as well as what length they can be.
  4. Time: There are only 7 weeks left in this class which makes time a very large constraint. While there are many cool things I could do for this project, I have to make sure that the final design can be completed by the end of the semester.
  5. LED Spacing: The light strand that I am using has a predefined spacing between LEDs. This will constrain how I can space the arrows on the piece. Additionally, the LED strip comes in a 3 LED segment meaning that, in the design, I want to try to keep straight lines at a length of a multiple of 3 in order to not waste any LEDs.

In summary, I believe all of these constraints will be possible to deal with, they are just something I have to make sure to be mindful of throughout the remainder of the project.

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  • Sophia Glik
    March 9, 2016 7:22 pm

    I like how you offered smart solutions for all of your constraints. I can very much relate on time and cost being constraints. This semester is flying by. As your minion, let me know i there is anything I can assist you with for your project as you start building!


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