Desk Garden Update 3/17

I now have a pretty solid idea of what I want this thing to look like! I haven’t had time to do any CAD (surprise surprise…), but I’m planning on doing that soon. I’ve got the electronics, and I played around with some of the LEDs and the RedBoard (basically an Arduino Uno). Turns out there’s some weird issue with the board where the computer can’t find it half the time, so I’ll need to look into fixing that. I did get the LEDs to blink though, so that’s good. Over break next week I’m going to sit down and design the structure, then get to work on it. I want to have all the electronics working by the end of break, but I may have to wait until the next week to make real progress on the structure, as I’ll need to laser cut acrylic when the ITLL is actually open.


On a side note, I’ve 3D printed a couple of Bulbasaur planters. They’re adorable, and will give me a chance to practice keeping succulents alive before I put any in the desk garden. I’m hoping to work out a bit more concretely what these plants’ needs are.

Arduino, bulbasaur, desk, planter, RedBoard, succulents
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  • I think it may be a problem with the USB to TTL converter on the board. You can try connecting the board to another computer in ITLL to check if it is the connection issues. Looking forward to your final design! Good luck!

  • I’m looking forward to your new design. Is the acrylic going to be kept clear, or do you plan on painting it? I think having it clear might make it look dirty if you don’t clean the walls often. It makes the residue of evaporated water on the walls quite visible and might be unappealing.

  • You should totally add some pictures of the 3D printed bulbasaurs when you get the chance!! I’d love to see them! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the next updates on your project!


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