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I wanted to give the opportunity to practice sketching concepts, so we played a home-made version of Pictionary in class. We had four teams of 3-4 students each (this was the Friday before Spring Break, after all). At first I used a ‘medium’ difficulty wordlist from the Game Girl. The artist from each team came up front and I showed them all the same word. Then a minute to think and get ready, and then the teams raced to guess the word. Rules were that the artist could not make any gestures or audible sounds, and could not draw any letters or numbers.

With the medium word list, winners were taking less than 10 seconds for some words. We went to the ‘hard’ list without much difference, and I noticed that all the words were nouns. Then I started making up my own words:








With these, the times were one to three minutes, but ‘sluice’ stumped them. Most students did not know the word. The visual for anomoly was clever; a graph with an outlying data point. In the future an improvement would be to have the winning team display and explain their drawing.

I put up ‘post-modern’, but the artists rejected that, saying they had no idea how to even start, even though they had attended the last lecture where it was defined in a couple of ways, including a cute video. Hmm, I’ll have to think about what to do with this information.

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  • Hi, the Game Gal here! Sorry my word lists weren’t hard enough. I guess I didn’t have university engineering students in mind when I made the lists. 🙂 I do have a “really hard” list of pictionary words, which is still mostly nouns, but hopefully more difficult ones to draw. And if you visit my word generator page (https://www.thegamegal.com/word-generator/) I have even more words for pictionary and other games like charades and catchphrase, in lots of different categories. If you play a similar game in the future, hopefully some of my lists would be able to help out more!

    • Thanks Game Gal! Your list did give me the courage to get started, and I’ll refer to them when playing in more social settings. I have to say, I was shocked and delighted by how fast my students were, even on the Friday before spring break.


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