Aesthetics Game

The Aesthetics Game before break, Matt Sturm and I got “Spaghetti Western” and “Baby Crib.

To the left, we have the baby tombstone with the mobile. The head of the best is stylized after a headstone, the legs are shovels and the crib is lined with barbed wire to keep baby safe. From the rattlesnake and bone mobile, a revolver, tumbleweed, sombrero and noose are suspended.

The middle piece is a hammock between two lever action repeating rifles. A baby monitor shaped like a revolver presides over the situation.

The rightmost is a tumbleweed for exfoliating baby’s soft skin.


The most recent Aesthetics Game, 3/28/16, we got “Streamline” “Clothes hangers.” Unfortunately, I do not know my group mate’s names. They all got pictures and should have their own renditions. Mine are in red.

You can see in the left, middle and top right the use of mill holes. They are used in a lot of weight saving designs. Most of the designs are swept over for minimizing aerodynamic drag. The top right and bottom right both feature riveted wings in place of the hook. The bottom right and middle right feature different kinds of vanes.

Departing from those designs in the middle, which is stylized after a spaceship. It is hung by a magnet protruding from the top.

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