Wind Chimes Update + Aesthetics Game

I’ve made a decent amount of progress on my project in the last week.

I finally decided what notes my chimes will play.  Since it is a Navy/Engineering aesthetic that I’m going for, I’ve decided to use a C Major key since that is the key that “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins is played in.  I’ve also decided on material for all the pipes, weights, and supports.  For the top support and the pipes I will use Aluminum 6061, and for the striker I’ll use a PTFE disk.  Since I decided on a key and material I was able to calculate what size my rods should be, so I have done that and put in the order from McMaster Carr (5/8″ OD and 1/2″ ID, longest rod is ~23″ and the shortest is ~18″).

After listening to a suggestion from a classmate to see if I could use wire instead of string to further the aesthetic, I was actually able to find some very thin wire from McGuckins that will work well as a replacement for string.


Lastly, I’ve attached a picture from the aesthetic game.



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  • Daniel Moody
    April 3, 2016 9:37 pm

    Good choice on the key. I assume Top Gun is the prime reason anyone wants to become a naval aviator. I’m curious about your choice to go with PTFE for disk. Is that for a sonic reason or just something that worked for a good price? I would be really cool if the chime could play danger zone if the wind magically struck in the right order. Is there any 20th century aesthetic that your taking influence from besides navy/engineering?


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