Desktop Radial Engine Update: 4/6/16

This past week all of the machining (not including the stand) was finished. I was also able to assemble and spin the engine up to what I think will be full speed for the first time using a drill (~1000rpm). However, all of this was accomplished without the pushrods installed as my project hit its first major roadblock. My timing gear system jammed up completely and sheared my front shaft apart. There is too much friction within this system. I have since changed the shaft to steel instead of aluminum, but it still catches with my original system. The spacing on the timing gear was all off too. Therefore I have spent the majority of this week redesigning the system. I will start machining the new design on Friday. As such I have no new pictures of my progress and minimal updates. Hopefully next week will bring better news!

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  • Mathew Tabor
    April 30, 2016 8:37 pm

    I still can’t believe all the machining you put into this thing, but that’s what makes it amazing. It’s really cool that you used this project as an excuse to learn a new skill (machining). In hindsight, I wish I’d done that…it seems like throughout the semester you’ve developed an entirely new skill set, something most students (including myself) haven’t been able to do. It’s always tough mixing aluminum and steel together, it often ends up being a problem at some point. Can’t wait to see this work.

  • There’re always things unexpected happen when we test new projects. I’m you have a new design already and hopefully can see your project done this week!


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