Cafe Racer Update April 13

Unfortunately I still have some work to do but luckily I still have a week to get it done. I have been shopping around Boulder and found a few shops that sell tan grips similar to my tan seat. I also found some nice leather wraps that I can wrap the bars in myself if I choose but I do not know which style I will prefer. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am currently cleaning the engine and putting it all back together to get the bike running again. I have to re-wrap the electrical wiring and get it reinstalled. The carbs and airbox should be easy but the electrical system may be difficult since I eliminated some of the unnecessary turn signals. I have prepped the tank for painting and should have that done before the weekend after I finish up with some papers and senior design work today or tomorrow. Everything else is pretty much completed. I also need to paint the rims but that will require disassembly this weekend and hopefully the weather holds out so I can get it done and not have to rush next week. Overall it’s all coming together and I am accomplishing what I wanted to do for this class. I will post pictures this weekend and early next week as it comes together.

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  • Joe Yoshimura
    April 17, 2016 11:56 pm

    After watching your PDR and how inspired you were to do this project, I have really been interested in how it turns out. This post could definitely use some pictures so we can get a better grasp of what has been going on! Honestly, I don’t have a lot of good feedback to give you because I don’t really know a lot about motorcycles or cafe racers. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold out so that may have caused some issues. Sorry I can’t be of very much help, I mainly just wanted to demonstrate how interested I am in seeing the completion of your project to keep you motivated to making it as awesome as possible.


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